Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we receive:


1. Where do you practice?

Our on field practices are held at Davis Park, 210 Davis Park Rd., Ponte Vedra, FL 32081

We do our skills training and “rain outs” at our brand new state of the art facility at 5 Tool Training, 14797 Philips Hwy., Jacksonville, FL 32256.


2. When are practices?

10u Training Team - Wednesdays 6pm-8pm.

10u & 12u  - Mondays are for team practices 5:45pm-8pm and Thursdays are our well known skill night where we have an hour of hitting, defense, mental training and strength, conditioning & agility work from 5pm-8pm.  

14u - Tuesdays 5:45pm-8pm & Thursdays 5pm-8pm.

16u & 18u - Tuesdays 5:45pm-8pm.

Our Fall 2019 Practices Schedule will be under the Teams tab.

3. What is the 10u Training Team?

The 10u Training Team is a transition team for players looking to start their travel softball experience. Most of our Training Team players continue to play on a recreational team. The Training Team practices once a week with a focus on proper skill development, character development and knowledge of the game. Near the end of the season they will play in one (fall) or two (spring/summer) tournaments.


4. What are your fees for the season?

Click Here


5. Why are your fees higher than other organizations?

We have two paid coaches on staff for each team.  These coaches do NOT have a daughter on the team.  

Each team's paperwork is done by our Five Tool Training staff and is not delegated to a parent.  This includes: team sanctioning, practice schedules, tournament schedules, practice planning, hotel group room blocks to help save you money and so much more!

We have some of the best facilities in the area whether it is at Davis Park OR at our new home at ABOVE Athletics Center on Philips Highway.


6. When are fees due?  

A $200 deposit is due after tryouts (IF YOUR DAUGHTER IS OFFERED A SPOT ON THE TEAM) for all players committed to the team and that goes towards your daughter's dues for the season.

We allow you to make your payment in full at the beginning of the season OR you can make a half payment by August 31st and a half payment by October 15th.  

Parents wishing to set up a payment plan can speak to Coach Taylor and we are happy to work out a schedule.


7. Where do I find the sign up for bootcamps?

Click Here!


8. What is the Player/Parent Expectations (Code of Conduct) sheet?

Player/Parent Expectations Sheet (click here)


9. If I have a question about... who should I ask?

Fundraising - Coach Ashley -

Uniforms - Coach Ashley -

Payments - Coach Taylor -

Setting up extra training - Five Tool Training -

Hotel Bookings - Coach Taylor -

Playing time - your head coach


Head Coaches Emails

10u Training Team - Coach Macy -

10u - Coach Amy -

12u Campbell - Coach Michelle -

12u Taylor - Coach Taylor

14u - Coach Amy -

16u - Coach Michelle


10. Where do I see the coaches' bios?

Go to the coaches tab and click on the appropriate age group.


11. Do you allow sponsorships?

We encourage our parents/players to engage local businesses to defray the cost of playing on our teams.  The business will get their logo displayed on our website.


12. How does fundraising work?

We do NOT require you to do any fundraising.  But, if you choose to do fundraising all of the money goes directly towards your daughter's fees.  We have done the following in the past: coin drops, run the PVGS concession stand, had events at Table 1, and cashiered at TPC.  We are open to any ideas that you have.  Contact Coach Ashley with ideas.


13.  Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we have several scholarships set up for players that are in need.  Last season we gave out 5 scholarships to players on our teams.  If you feel that you would qualify for one of our scholarships you need to fill out the application provided at the link below and submit it to Coach Taylor at BEFORE tryouts each season.

Applications are due by August 1 for the fall season and January 1 for the spring season.

Fueling Their Future Scholarship Application


14. How do you help with the recruiting process?

We have two former Division I coaches and all of our coaches played at the college level.  We also send out emails with our teams' tournament schedule, information about players, etc.  

In addition, we offer a more hands on approach with our PRO Program.  Check out our success over the past 6 years - 

Stealth was established in 2015 so  our first class of players graduated in 2017.  Check out our page of Stealth Graduates!

Don't see the answer to your question? Email us at info@floridastealth.or