AIST Partnership

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American International Sports Teams (AIST) began in 2001.  Chad Wilkinson and Gary Haarmann saw the need for an honest, loyal and trustworthy international sports tour provider.  They wanted to give opportunities for others to experience the world of sports internationally.  

Softball Tours include: Netherlands, Italy and Dominican Republic.

With our partnership with AIST we are able to offer players in northeast Florida a direct connection and opportunity to tryout to compete internationally.

Coach Taylor and Coach Amy coached the 2017 Netherlands Tour and are coaching a Stealth team in Italy in July 2018.

Does this sound like an opportunity for you or your daughter? 

If you have questions please contact Jennifer Hess with AIST at


2017 Netherlands Tour with AIST.


Many people have the dream to play softball, but I had the amazing opportunity to play softball for team USA in Europe. Not only did I have this dream, but so did my teammates who came from all over the U.S. Each of these girls brought a special amount of talent and character to our team. They didn’t just become teammates, they became friends for life. We can all agree this trip was an experience of a lifetime. From meeting those friends, hitting a home-run, winning games, and the amazing opportunity to visit the Anne Frank house, this trip fell nothing short of a dream come true. AIST was more than prepared for everything we were to experience during the European tour. They also provided two amazing tour guides, FeFe and Jenny. They definitely kept high spirits and great attitudes which kept our team up and ready for any challenge. Whether that challenge was the next softball game or, the 18 mile bike tour that gave my teammates and I the opportunity to bond with such a lifetime experience. Explaining a week and a half of exciting softball games, and tours of multiple beautiful cities in words is nearly impossible. The only thing I can easily explain is if you ever get the opportunity to travel anywhere with AIST to play softball, take that opportunity because it will change your life and leave a huge impact on you and your softball career.

-Holly Campbell (Florida Stealth 18U player - 2017 grad)

I had an amazing time with AIST during the 2017 Netherlands tour. Not only did I get to play against girls from around the world I experienced different cultures and saw many famous landmarks. I made lasting friendships with girls from across the United States, played softball against talented competition and quite honestly had the experience of a lifetime. I strongly recommend going on this trip to anyone that gets the opportunity. 

-Emily Sikes (Florida Stealth 18U player - 2019 grad)


2018 Italy Tour - Stealth only team


The AIST Italy 2018 tour was definitely one to remember. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience to get to tour another country while playing softball at the same time. Even though the teams we played didn’t speak the same language as us, we all shared the same love for the game of softball and that was really cool! Besides playing softball, it was a lot of fun touring incredible places like Lake Como, San Marino, Rome, and the Vatican City. Overall, this entire experience exceeded my expectations and I’m so glad I went!

-Grace Kim (Florida Stealth 18U Player - 2020 grad)